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ootb logoIn 2011, Science Museum Oklahoma invited Studio Architecture along with 13 other local companies, to participate in the inaugural Out-of-the-Box exhibit.  The museum provide each company with a box containing a random assortment of materials (which we generally ignored) and instructed us to construct an exhibit that creativity embodies the essence of our firm and industry.  While it took a significant amount of work to accomplish, the end result was worth it.


The Architectarium

Step into an architect’s pedal-powered mind and experience your surroundings though the iconic lenses of an architect.  See what an architect sees, think like an architect thinks, go where an architect goes, and while you are at it, try your hand at drawing what an architect draws.

The Latin suffix “ariuim” is defined as a place associated with a specified thing or a device associated with a specific function.  Words using this suffix are most prevalent in a museum environment—words like aquarium, planetarium, etc.   Utilizing that suffix and setting, the idea behind the Architectarium was to create a place and device associated with the profession of architecture.  The goal was to allow the public to see what an architect sees, think like an architect thinks, go where an architect goes, and draw what an architect draws.  This was accomplished by building a six foot cube representing the “head” of an architect and inviting the public inside.  Once inside, the museumgoer was surrounded by drawings, sketches, diagrams, and a blank drawing board.  Under the drawing board was a set of pedals that allowed the user to put the entire exhibit in motion while viewing the museum through a giant pair of iconic architect’s glasses.  The end result was a lighthearted exhibit that gave the public an entertaining and interactive glimpse of the world through the eyes of an architect.




Opening Reception

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