Project Page: The Kids’ Room

One year ago, Crystal and I welcomed Jackson David into our family.  In the months since his arrival, he has been a joy and blessing to us all.  However, the change from two kids to three has created a few logistical issues, especially in terms of bedroom space.  Since we live in a relatively small home, the plan was that Jack would eventually share a room with his older sisters.  A total of three small children occupying a single bedroom necessitated a creative and efficient solution for accommodating all their clothes, toys, and sleeping arrangements.  With this challenge in mind and prior to Jack’s arrival, we began to search for a solution for their room.  Eventually we determined that our unique problem required a one-of-kind solution.  That solution took the form of two pieces of custom-built furniture specifically tailored to our needs.
The first piece is a bunk bed.  This bed provides sleeping space for both girls, while incorporating drawers for clothes storage for all three children.  Additionally, the beds provides each girl with their own private space.  The second piece, is a cubbie that provides storage space for large toys, small toys, books, and keepsakes.
bunk bed schematic
click for larger (and readable) image
The pieces are constructed primarily of 1/2″ birch plywood bolted together with carriage bolts for easy dis-assembly.  In the past I have used MDF for most of my projects, mainly for cost reasons.  This time around, I found birch to compare favorably to MDF cost-wise with the added benefit of an attractive grain pattern.
This project was completed almost a year ago, but I recently found time to photograph and post it.  Future plans included upgrading the toddler bed to a twin or full bed and possibly adding curtains to enhance privacy.

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